How To Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software: The Best Free Tips Of 2021 You won’t want To Miss.

How To Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software: The Best Free Tips Of 2021 You won’t want To Miss.

To download YouTube videos without any software is so possible with the advancement in technology and the way people think.

I can remember when Java phones were commonly used, things of this kind was so rare and people can’t boost of downloading YouTube videos with their phones, I’m a living testifier in that regards, we can only watch online but can’t download unless you’ve got a pc back then.

Way back, owing a pc is like being a jet owner, no jokes and the excitement accompanied with the ownership is something else, did I even tell you I envy the owners and wished to be like them; because they are the only people that can download YouTube Video with software.


Thanks to technology and digitalization, because those two help in skipping us through the stress and denial to do some certain things or should I say performing of some certain tasks online.

Graciously, the coming of smartphones is a huge plus; we can’t deny that amazing fact, take it or leave it, it’s a plus.

Download YouTube Videos Without Software.

Downloading YouTube videos without software is stir by the desire to have those funny or interesting videos on your phone after watching on YouTube, I can’t tell the number of time I felt bad, when I couldn’t download videos from YouTube, I felt really bad.

I can also remember a time my kid sis wanted doing same, but she couldn’t sure you appreciate failures, yes; the dedicated app for this task in playstore are not working as reviewed in play store. So we a found a better way, No; better ways.

Keep the ride tight, lets get to do something reasonable and stop wasting time.

Can’t Download YouTube Videos

You mean, you can’t download YouTube videos?

What’s the exact pop-up you’ve been getting regarding your inability to download YouTube videos, could it be that you don’t have enough data to perform the task, browser is outdated, you’re not getting the real video links or you’ve not found the real YouTube downloader yet?

Well, we can’t conclude on your major reasons but be rest assured, you’re finding your solution here, and you will be able to download YouTube videos without any software, I mean third-party apps that usually fails.

Stick with me and learn a thing or two today without stressing your mind.

Is it illegal to download YouTube Videos.

Some one in my space once asked if its illegal to download YouTube videos, in this regards we can’t give a final answer to your question.

But I can say its dependent on your usage, and if at all you can answer the following questions correctly, then you answer to your question.

  • What are You downloading the video For?
  • You’re re-uploading it to YouTube channel?
  • What license do you have
  • Is it create common or standard YouTube license?
  • Are you downloading for private use?

Answering the above questions is due to give you an insight whether downloading YouTube videos is illegal or not.

But, all I know. Its never illegal to download YouTube videos so long its for your watching pleasure.

But if it’s creative common and you want to re-upload, make sure you indicate to avoid copyright strike.

So, for your watching pleasure, let’s get to know how to download YouTube videos without any software, I have actually used some many search queries that actually failed me at last.

Some of the queries are as follow-

  • Video downloader chrome
  • Video downloader for chrome
  • Chrome video downloader

There are numerous of such queries I have used to finding solution to my inability to download YouTube Videos without any software

Behold, I found the shortest method of doing it myself.

Website to use in downloading YouTube videos.

There are online platforms I personally use to download YouTube videos without any software.

For quite sometimes now, I have been using this websites to grab any video I like on YouTube channel without going extra mile.

Below are the websites I personally use to get the videos right in my phone.

The above three websites have been serving me well, for quite sometimes now and they’re reliable.

So, to know how I download YouTube videos without using any software, slide in and watch the below videos, it will give you better insights on how to use the above websites to download videos with high resolution and quality.

First of all, learn how to copy video links on YouTube below, you must copy the video link before you can be able to download them on the website.

After copying the video link, you still need to head over to the website with the link and follow the due processes in the below video and get the video right in your phone.


Even, if you’re confused reading the article, I strongly believe the video tutorials will guide you on how to download YouTube videos without any software.

The video is brief and informational, you can quickly learn how to do all this, if you are a fast learner.


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